In the Genius, you can create your own custom libraries. This means you can have any supplement, any remedy, even affirmations, food for food allergy testing and more. The results you can get with this can be amazing as a result. You can create new possibilities based on your own philosophy and ideas about healing.

If you had the Infinity, then you will want to bring your database of customized libraries over from there. There is a video on this below. I also recently did a training where I describe how to add and use custom libraries and that is also added  here as well!

I have an incredible special for you that you will may want to dive into! You can get 10 panels of your choice, regularly $249 for just $49 until November 26th! Just 24 hours to choose your Custom Libraries! 

I just received an email from one of our Genius users in New Delhi, India. “It seems like there is an epidemic here in New Delhi of PCOS.  It is amazing how many women are suffering from this. Can you make a specific panel for this?”

Yes, I can! And…I have! You can view some screen shots of the panels below. I always use my years of naturopathic experience to incorporate important frequencies for assessment and solutions! 

My first 100 Custom Libraries can be installed right on your Genius! All it takes is the e-mail address associate with your Genius and…Voila…I can send you the categories in minutes! The first 100 Libraries I created include assessments and solutions panels for these topics: Adrenals, Blood Sugar, Cardiovascular, Toxicity, Hormones, Immune System, Kidneys, Nutrition, Sensitivities, Autism, Alzheimer’s, Autoimmunity, Biofilm, Blood Pressure, Hashimoto’s, Osteoarthritis, SIBO, Seasonal Allergies and much more. Use the code CUSTOM for a $200 discount. Choose from absolutely any panel on the list! Mix and match!

You can still get the $500 discount on the full set of panels if you would like them!

Click here to see all the custom libraries and expand your testing abilities tremendously!

Already have the 1st set of panels? Please check out the Natural Health Testing Level 2 Panels including methylation, microbiome, anxiety and depression and more! You can save the same $500 on these panels as well until November 26th! Here is the link! Use the code IMAGENIUS! Yes, I am ready for to start testing with these incredible custom libraries for my Genius!