Essentials to get you started with your Genius Insight app

Installation instructions

The Genius Insight app is available for both the Apple iOS and Android operating systems on smartphones and tablets. It is not available for Windows mobile or desktop, or for Mac OS.

To install the app, just visit our free tryout page with your device and download the app to your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Once you have filled out the form, you will be able to choose the download link for your system. Just click on install/download to add the app to your device. On Android devices, you may have to visit the downloads folder and double click the downloaded file to install it. On Apple iOS the installation is automatic, but please use only Safari to download.

You must be connected via WIFI to download the app, please allow a few minutes as the file is big.

Once you have installed the app, just click the icon to open it and enter your name and email details to register your tryout. Your device must be able to send email in order to do this.

After your 15 day trial period, you will receive a reminder email with an option to purchase or, if you already paid, you will receive the unlock code so you can continue to use your app.


Download the latest manual and learn the basics of how to use the app.

Training Resources

Download our Training 101 to better understand the concepts used in the app.


Get started with a selection of basic instructional videos on using the app and its many possibilities.

Test the Genius Insight app for yourself immediately

Try it out free for 15 days with no obligation
Fully functional demo available in five languages for Android and Apple iOS