Beautiful, fractal, holographic light to help build better harmonic cohesion.

Holographic Light Activation is at the heart of this immersive technology, with beautiful fractal holograms created by international fractal artist and intuitive healer, Keith Allen Kay.

A remarkable breakthrough in biofeedback technology.

This mobile app empowers the user to uncover potential opportunities for transformation, manifestation and healing. Clients can view the Fractal Holograms or project them on to the skin. This brings the body and mind into a state of Harmonic Cohesion.

Truly beautiful therapy

HoloPhotonics is based on decades of research and uses the beauty of fractal integration to open the soul to receive light and healing in an extraordinary way. Designed to compliment a multitude of healing modalities and Quantum Energy Healers, HoloPhotonics works beautifully for home use as well.

Holographic light activation

This app uses Holographic Light as the BioFeedback agent. The soul relaxes into a deep receptive state, beyond beliefs and fears. The animated Fractal Holograms activate latent powers and extraordinary gifts of transformation and manifestation.

Quantum energy centers

This panel explores the 12 Energy Centers, 7 located in the physical body, 5 in the ethereal body. When activated these centers access our super powers, our ability to operate beyond the physical senses.

Discover a fresh approach to quantum therapy, for both you and your clients, if you are a therapist. Holophotonics opens up a host of new possibilities for harmonisation and activation of spiritual potential, by offering a captivating and immensely beautiful show of fractal light.

Please note this app is currently only available for the Apple iOS platform.

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