The Genius Insight App is here!

The Genius Insight App is one of the most exciting biofeedback apps ever to hit the market. We recently received an exciting report about the use of the Genius in Melbourne, Australia. Christian, a homeopathic practitioner, has this to say:

“Being a homeopathic doctor and radionics practitioner  in Melbourne, Australia, I had a very fascinating experience with the Genius. Following your advice, I did a full matrix scan for one of my clients, a gentleman in his 50’s with a urinary tract infection. Then, little by little I began to drill down deeper using the Progressive Insights function. What I discovered was the man had been affected by an food exposure, specifically seafood. I worked on suggested areas (as per the Genius) of bladder, testes and sacral chakra. The patient was in real pain at the time of the analysis (yesterday). Today, the patient reported  as if the pain was gone by magic. Incredible! All the pain was gone as if by magic. Incredible. All the symptoms disappeared too. No medicines or remedies of any kind were given to this person after analysis with the Genius. Thank you!”


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