You’re ready to download!

Please read through all the instructions below before downloading, this will ensure your installation is successful.


– Please make sure you have a good WIFI connection, preferably with 3G deactivated on your device, to download the file.
– Be patient, it’s a big file, so it’ll take a few minutes.
– Once you have installed the app, it will ask you for your name and email to register the download, so your device must be able to send email.
– The tryout is fully functional for 15 days. If you wish to order after that time and receive an unlimited unlock code, please do so using this link or by contacting

– Don’t forget to download the manual
– Remember updates are FREE FOR LIFE when you buy the app.

Notes for Apple iOS
Please read these instructions before downloading
– Please use only Safari browser to download on Apple iOS.
– Remember the app is only for smartphones and tablets, it will not work on a PC or Mac notebook or desktop. Do not try and download using iTunes.

Untrusted developer alert

Under iOS 9, you try and install the app, you may get this message:


This is because the app is not distributed through iTunes. You can fix this by going into your device’s settings, in the General section, and scrolling down until you see Profiles or Device management. Open this option and you can click on Quantum Life to trust/approve us in order to authorize the app to open.

Configure the Mail app
Once you have installed the app, you must have the Mail app on your device configured to send email. This is required to be able to register and start your trial.

Activation code
If you are starting your free 15 day trial, you do not need a code. Just click on Continue or Start trial to open the app.

If you have come to the end of your 15 day trial period, you must purchase a licence in order to continue using the app. Once you have done this, you can click on ‘Already Paid’ and/or Email Support at the bottom iof the activation screen to receive your code, which will be sent to you normally within 24 hours.

You can find more questions and answers on our FAQ page.