Functional Zones: Powerful results with the Genius Insight!

The latest feature of the Genius is the addition of the powerful functional zones. I think you will find that the balancing with this function goes much more quickly and works on very deep levels.

There are seven functional zone. The items used in this process are made up of a series of homeopathic tinctures. There are a vast array of homeopathics used and their wisdom and the sequence of how to use them in this way was programmed into the Genius in a way that will increase your balancing results with the program very quickly. There are dilutions of homeopathics coded into these functional zones that range from 4X-600X potencies.
The goal of the functional zones is to reveal deeper issues, give you more information about the root cause of an issue and to help to accelerate the assimilation of frequencies into your energy field.
How do I use the functional zones? 
Use the functional zones as a  final summary of the items in the that goe from the main hold tray to the Progressive Insight Panel. You can either select one or all of the items in the Progressive Insight panel. By choosing the “Functional Zones Consideration” on the black bar at the bottom, you will initiate a deeper scan which will help you to identify which of  the seven zones is related to the root cause of the imbalances.
Functional Zones PI
Here are the instructions
1) Select the items you would like to find the Functional Zones for from the Progressive Insights Panel.
2) Tap on the “Functional Zone Considerations” bar.
3) Identify the Functional Zone you want to evaluate .
4) Place that zone into the main hold tray for further evaulation.
5)  After the SCAN, drag the respective results into the TRAY as well.
6) Then click START and you will see all the items added to the PI panel.
Then begin Analysis again and PLAY!
These are the items which may come up under each of the functional zones:
Psychogenic Zone:
Depressive Tendency Stress
Shock Stress
Miasm Stress
Psychogenic Stress
Hormone Stress
Interference Zone
Scar Stress
Foci Field Stress
Significant Focus Stress
Mercury Stress
Inherited Interference Stress
Acquired Interference Stress
Toxic Substance Interference Stress
Immune Zone:
Food Allergy Stress:
Non-Auto Immune Allergy Stress:
Auto Immune Stress:
Immune Stress:
Vaccine Stress:
Organ Change Stress:
Biochemical Zone
Trace Element Stress:
Vitamin Stress:
Enzyme Stress:
Fatty Acid Stress:
Amino Acid Stress:
ATP/Phosphate Stress:
pH Acid Stress:
pH Alkaline Stress:
Tissue regulation Zone
Cystic Process Stress:
Benign Tumor Stress:
Pre-Degeneration 1 Stress:
Pre-Degeneration 2 Stress:
Degeneration 1 Stress:
Organic Vegetative Stress:
Micro Organizm Zone
Fungus Stress:
Yeast Stress:
Bacteria Stress:
Virus Stress:
Parasite Stress:
Lyme Stress:
Geophysical Zone
Atmospheric Stress:
Geopathic Charge Stress:
Electromagnetic Stress:
Radioactivity Stress:
Geopathic Field Stress:

The Genius Insight App is here!

The Genius Insight App is one of the most exciting biofeedback apps ever to hit the market. We recently received an exciting report about the use of the Genius in Melbourne, Australia. Christian, a homeopathic practitioner, has this to say:

“Being a homeopathic doctor and radionics practitioner  in Melbourne, Australia, I had a very fascinating experience with the Genius. Following your advice, I did a full matrix scan for one of my clients, a gentleman in his 50’s with a urinary tract infection. Then, little by little I began to drill down deeper using the Progressive Insights function. What I discovered was the man had been affected by an food exposure, specifically seafood. I worked on suggested areas (as per the Genius) of bladder, testes and sacral chakra. The patient was in real pain at the time of the analysis (yesterday). Today, the patient reported  as if the pain was gone by magic. Incredible! All the pain was gone as if by magic. Incredible. All the symptoms disappeared too. No medicines or remedies of any kind were given to this person after analysis with the Genius. Thank you!”